CAPLP - Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership - Workforce Initiative


CAPLPs Workforce Development Program lifts families out of poverty by providing the skills, training, and support low-income families need to secure and maintain employment in high-demand career areas such as welding, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Families are generally connected to the program through other CAPLP services such as Head Start or Housing. Before training in a specific career field, occupational readiness and financial literacy training is provided for all enrolled in the Workforce Development Program. Workforce etiquette, individual strengths, budgeting, credit, and savings are just a few of the important subjects covered. Workforce Development further embodies a holistic approach by providing a case manager to help those enrolled overcome their individual barriers to employment such as transportation, a criminal record, or child care. After completing training participants are introduced to community businesses through a speed interviewing process to help transition them into the job market.

The program provides support to not only obtain but also maintain livable wage employment to help families reach economic independence. Currently, there is a workforce shortage within the community and CAPLP’s Workforce Development Program is providing skill training to help fill vacant jobs while also helping families find livable wage employment to pull themselves out of poverty. Over 70% of those that have completed the program obtained livable wage employment within three months of earning their certification.

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