WorkForce Partnership, Minnesota Valley Action Council


Minnesota Valley Action Council has established a key partnership with the South Central WorkForce Council to deliver employment and training services to adults, dislocated workers and youth in the nine-county area. These solid working relationship have allowed for streamlined delivery of services with our partners. MVAC has served as the fiscal agent for the WorkForce Council since 1983. For the past 24 years, the agency has delivered services in coordination with Job Service on behalf of the WorkForce Council through a competitive RFP process.

Staff are situated in each of the three WorkForce Centers in the region, along with MVAC county offices, and administration is co-located for the highest level of collaboration and training. By working closely together and building relationships, services and referrals have been integrated, providing a single point of entry and seamless access for service recipients.

MVAC staff is involved in many activities and committees of the WorkForce Center system. This includes staff involvement in the WorkForce Council’s Continuous Improvement Team, the WorkForce Center’s Mystery Shoppers, and WorkForce Council’s Training Team. The Executive Director holds a seat on the South Central Workforce Council, the Workforce Development Committee, and the South Central Youth Council.

Programs delivered by the partnership include:

  • Adult and Dislocated Worker Services
  • Senior Employment Program
  • Career Development Services for youth: WIOA Youth, Minnesota Your Program, Youth Intervention Program, Youth Competitive Grant, TANF Summer Innovation Project, Nicollet County Collaborative and Martin County Internship.
  • Linkages to other MVAC programs and services, including:
    • Homelessness Prevention
    • Housing rehabilitation loans
    • Section 8 rental assistance
    • Wheel Get There car program
    • Energy Assistance
    • Weatherization
    • Head Start
    • MVAC Thrift Stores

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