WCCA Combines Lunch, Technology and Seniors


Wright County Community Action (WCCA) understands there is an aging population in Minnesota that isn't technology savvy.

As an agency that works with the community in various ways, WCCA decided to hold a Lunch and Learn Technology Class on Thursday, Nov. 16., at St. Mary's Church in Waverly.

"The reason we do what we do is to empower Wright County residents to live their best lives," Self-Sufficiency Manager Mandy Busse said.

Busse organized the first of its kind event for WCCA. She wasn't sure what the turnout would be like, but was pleased that more one than one person attended.

The session focused on online safety.

"I learned a lot," said attendee Amy Brynteson. "I know nothing about computers. I want to be online, but every time I am, I get in trouble...This stuff, it's scary."

Mary Handt came to learn more about how to avoid being scammed online and through the cellphone. Busse addressed those issues.

"I thought today's class was good," Handt said. "I could have used a little more info on scams and going deeper into how to recognize it."

Still, Handt said she would still encourages others to attend future free Lunch and Learn Technology Class sessions.

"Lunch was delicious," she said. "Come for the lunch, stay for the meeting."

While online safety was the focus of this initial class, Busse also introduced the attendees to other programs WCCA offers such as energy assistance, homemaker services and the falls and prevention program they might qualify for.

Brynteson, who has worked with Busse previously regarding technology, was excited by the Lunch and Learn Technology Class.

"If I can learn something, I will," Brynteson, 63, said. "It's never to late to learn."

WCCA offers technology training for computers, cellphones and other electronic devices every Wednesday and Friday. Call WCCA at 320-963-6500 ext. 283 for more information.