Senior Homeless Program - Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership


Over the past two years, one hundred homeless seniors got help finding housing through Mahube-Otwa’s new Senior Homeless Program. When a Community Needs Assessment demonstrated a significant increase in the number of elderly homeless individuals, the directors of Mahube-Otwa’s senior services and housing/homeless services put their heads together to find a solution. They found support from MN Dept of Human Services Live Well at Home program which funded a full-time case manager who worked across both programs. The Senior Homeless Case Manager works with the senior programs to get the word out since the staff are already working with the senior population and visiting senior centers and with the housing/homeless programs to work with landlords and to leverage housing resources. Having a person focused on the needs of seniors has informed both programs and met an urgent and vital need in the community. The program worked with videographers at Sanguine Cinema to produce a 20-minute documentary on senior homelessness across the state to raise awareness and community resources.

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