Mobile Food Shelf Wright County Community Action, Inc


The Wright County Community Action, Inc.'s Mobile Food Shelf was implemented in September of 2017 and has seen tremendous growth and potential in just a few months. The Mobile Food Shelf targets low-income and at-risk populations which do not have access to transportation or who do not feel comfortable commuting in harsh weather. These individuals often experience food insecurity because of the lack of accessibility to nutritious food options. WCCA strategically selected a low-income senior housing residence to begin services last Fall and helped 17 clients in its first month of deliveries. To date, the Mobile Food Shelf has assisted 23 clients with over 1400 pounds of food within that one facility, with additional clients signing up for future deliveries.

Client approval has been high according to a recent satisfaction survey and WCCA is ready to expand to a new delivery site in February. WCCA has gone out of its way to ensure specific needs are met by providing a client choice menu which includes both gluten-free and sugar-free options for dietary restrictions. Both clients and the community have been very involved in program. WCCA has even recruited several volunteers since the program launched and local businesses have sparked interest in our other food security programs as a result.

Ultimately, the Mobile Food Shelf has been successful in providing food to vulnerable populations but has also seen several benefits to the agency as a whole. For one, the partnership that has formed with the seniors in the residential facility has allowed us to recruit volunteers, streamline outreach for other programs, and gain insight on the needs of seniors throughout our service area. Also, by serving a population that has little resources along the southern part of the county, the community has rallied around the program and the agency has seen an increase in community engagement and awareness. This has benefited other agency programs and increased its volunteer base. WCCA hopes to continue to expand delivery sites and increase client services throughout 2018.