Lakes & Pines Assist Families THRIVE


Over the past decade, Lakes and Pines Community Action Council has been working on offering bundled services to customers in a holistic way. However, there were some challenges along the way.

The data was hard to compile and show success due to the many data systems and silos existing in the agency. Staff didn’t have time to coach in-depth and see changes in customers due to job duties.

Lakes and Pines continued to work through this process and with the National Partnership joined the journey of the Whole Family Approach. From the opportunity to use the framework of Whole Family Approach, Lakes and Pines developed THRIVE, which stands for Transforming, Honoring, and Respecting Independence by Valuing Empowerment.

THRIVE is how Lakes and Pines conducts business, and the tools used to support customers include the Whole Family Approach, Family Centered Coaching and streamlined application processes. Through THRIVE the agency is working to break down silos among programs and departments.

To break barriers for customers, to have tough discussions about how things have always been done and really look at what can be different. Since the implementation of THRIVE, the majority of programs are now in one data system. This change allows customer information to be gathered in one location for many programs, ensuring customers are not repeating the same information over and over again, and allows staff to see what services could still be offered.

Staff are working interconnectedly, all family members are being served to assist with goals and needs to increase their social and economic mobility. Most staff have been trained in the mindset of using a coaching lens, so no matter who customers work with, the family is recognized for their strengths not for the crisis that may be at hand.

Currently successes can be seen in system changes, but soon successes will be seen in the outcomes of families meeting goals.

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