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KOOTASCA’s Big View work focuses on changing the narrative that influences community responses to social issues that impact people in poverty. Big View efforts also recognize and explore the intricate connection between poverty and race by addressing the historic narrative that shapes present day beliefs that continue to result in disproportionate resources and opportunities for people of color.

Any issue that has the potential to adversely impact people in poverty may become the subject of a Big View programming. Community members from all income levels are welcome to attend and encouraged to engage in respectful dialogue around meeting topics. Big View keeps the community informed about issues affecting people in poverty while intentionally upholding the voice and dignity of the poor.

Big View work is part of Circles of Support programming that also provides social asset building opportunities and PCs for People services to low-income people.

A recent series of Big View events focused on Race, Privilege, and Criminal Justice sparked both community interest and opposition. First, Carlyle Brown performed a solo theatrical program ACTING BLACK Demystifying Racism at the Reif Performing Arts Center. The performance allows attendees to gain an understanding of the roots of American racism and its ongoing impact on institutions and individuals today. All 200 theater seats were filled with an entirely white audience.

Next were three film screening events followed by facilitating audience discussions. Films included the journey of civil rights hero and congressman, John Lewis: Get in the Way. The Bail Trap: American Ransom, and Justice in Crisis: Mass Incarceration in America explored the jail systems as modern-day debtor’s prisons affecting primarily low-income communities while exposing racial disparities.

Breaking the Cycle of White Supremacy, a workshop facilitated by Donte Curtis from Catch Your Dream Consulting engaged the audience in learning about white supremacy. Lastly, aHumanize My Hoodie Ally Workshop was presented by Jason Sole in partnership with Andre Wright. This workshop is designed to help white people identify their implicit biases, become more culturally competent, challenge the perceptions of their friends and family, and reduce threat perception of Black men in hoodies.

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