Early Head Start/Head Start/Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Programs, Tri-County Community Action Partnership, Inc.


Tri-County Community Action Partnership’s Early Head Start, Head Start, and Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership programs provide early childhood education opportunities for 642 children annually at 12 locations within its service area as well as the service areas of Kootasca Community Action and Lakes & Pines Community Action.

Early Head Start serves infants and toddlers age birth to three as well as pregnant women in both center and home-based settings. Head Start serves children of preschool age (3 years - kindergarten) utilizing a center-based setting or a combination of home and center based services. EHS-CCP serves children birth to three in partnership with either a licensed family child care home or a licensed child care center services provider. Child and family development/education, health-dental care, and nutrition services are provided in each program utilizing a two-generational model.

This Head Start alumni hero’s excerpted story explains the significance of these programs. “I started out going to Head Start (at age 4) when mother got divorced. When I became a parent, I had my own children attend the program. It was not until I was pregnant with triplets that I would realize how much Head Start would impact my life. (This) program not only helped my children become Kindergarten ready, but it also established a sense of my belonging to something larger than oneself. I received support from the moment I call(ed) to get my child signed up, while I was pregnant, all the way to the moment they went to kindergarten. They are well adjusted children that have come a long way with the support of a great organization. (T)o show my thanks and gratitude, I volunteer in the class room and on the Policy Council. I have continued to stay involved after 6 years. I decided to go back to college to complete my degree in Education by becoming a Special Needs Teacher and double major in Health by becoming a RN. I (remain) involved with the community by volunteering my time with Veterans, the Autism Community, and I help STAR raise funds. I also give my time to families in crisis. I feel that I can accomplish all this because I was given support by an Organization that cared about what happened to me. I was empowered and encouraged to be something more. I was told by my Mother that I would stay in poverty and nothing would become of me. Being a part of Head Start changed those negatives and I embraced my power to change.”