Minnesota Office of Economic Opportunity

The Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) administers a variety of federal and state funded anti-poverty and self-sufficiency programs. As a result of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, The Office of Economic Opportunity allocates over $40 million a year to more than 200 organizations and programs working with low-income families in Minnesota. These anti-poverty programs share a common philosophy that families and individuals who have the resources to promote their own growth and development are motivated to support themselves and contribute to the community.


The programs remain vigilant to the needs and strengths of families with low incomes, and continue to wage the war on poverty. OEO programs provide for families’ basic social needs, while also providing opportunities for the development of the skills necessary for economic self-sufficiency. The OEO is committed to providing quality services to anti-poverty programs, and in so doing, contribute to their continued success in helping Minnesota families break the cycle of poverty.

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